Awards and Scholarships

Young Histochemist Award (International Federation of Societies for Histochemistry and Cytochemistry-IFSHC)

*Applicants are kindly requested to  contact officers of national societies.

The Scientific and Technological Research Ouncil of Turkey (TUBITAK) Scholarships for Turkish Students
TUBITAK supports the Turkish scientists pursuing post graduate education/research and post-doctoral research programs in the fields of Natural Sciences, Medical Sciences, Engineering and Technological Sciences and Social Sciences and Humanities due to their participation in national, international or with international participation scientific events.

 Applications should be directly done to TUBITAK
For further information please visit 

Turkish Society for Electron Microscopy (TSEM)Scholarships for Student Members of TSEM
Turkish Society for Electron will provide scholarship of 100 Euros for 5 doctorate students, among its young members, no older than 35 years who attend to ICHC 2017 with an oral presentation. TSEM membership is required to apply to this grant.

Applications should be directly sent to TSEM ([email protected]) including a copy of abstract, oral presentation acceptance letter from ICHC 2017; CV,  publication list and an official student ID.  The deadline for application is March, 1, 2017. Applicants will be notified via email in April, 1, 2017, regarding the status of their application.

Best Poster Award
The ICHC2017 will offer the “Best Poster Award” to the three best posters.
The criteria for the Best Poster Award; 
•All posters will automatically be considered for the Poster Award.
•The posters will take place in conference venue.
•The winners will be formally announced during the closing ceremony.
•The three winners of the Poster Award  will  receive success certificates.
The posters will be evaluated in terms of Clarity of submitted abstract,  Importance of the work, Argumentation and methodology of the work,  Novelty of the work, Message and main points of the work, Level of completion of the work, Ability of the presenter to explain the work.



The ICHC-2017 BEST MICROGRAPH COMPETITION is open to all participants of the ICHC2017 l
Entries will be judged on; 1) originality 2) informational Content 3) technical proficiency and 4) visual impact.

Candidates must submit their work online by e-mail [email protected] before 1st, April, 2017. Only digital files can be submitted; prints or any other form of images will not be accepted. Digital submissions must be no larger than 2000 Pixels in either height or width and saved as jpeg or tiff file in RGB or Grayscale formats and not exceed 8MB per file, at 72dpi. 
No video or any moving image is allowed to be submitted. Only still images are allowed to enter the competition.
No classification of the micrographs is concerned.
The ICHC-2017 Organizing Committee is not responsible for lost or unreached files. A confirmation e-mail will be sent upon receipt of the e-mail enclosing the micrograph(s).

Candidates should also enclose THE ENTRY FORM for each micrograph to be submitted. Please, use THE ENTRY FORM must be completed. Micrographs submitted without the proper forms will be disqualified.
One candidate can submit maximum three (3) micrographs. 
Images must have been taken by some kind of immunohistochemistry, cytochemistry and histochemistry techniques. 
No entry fee will be applied. Work must be posted by the deadline posted online. ICHC-2017 Organizing Committee retains the right to refuse any entry for any reason. 

No signature, stamp or any other identifying mark is allowed anywhere on the micrograph.

Copyright and all other rights remain that of the entrants. Any micrograph used by ICHC shall carry the owner's credit line. Use may include publication in any ICHC media sponsor publication. All entrants understand that any micrograph submitted to the competition may be used by ICHC for marketing and promotional purposes including in any media such as exhibitions, print and digital media directly related to the ICHC competition, though there may not be monetary compensation.

To be exhibited during the congress, a guest photography creator will choose 20-30 micrographs from all attendees regardless of whether or not the scientist has qualified as a nominee. By submitting an entry, you are agreeing to participate in the exhibition during the ICHC-2017 Congress.

Prof. Dr. Servet TURAN Ph.D (President)
Eskisehir Technical University
Engineering Faculty
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Phone: 0222 335 05 80 (Domestic line: 6350)
E-Mail : [email protected]